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  • Ryan Steans

  • Jason Coleman at NEC, public supervisor
    Heather Fox, Director of OH center at Louisville, not using Avalon yet - integrated OHMS into a system
    Emily Gattozzi - BGSU bowling Green - course reserves - word of mouth, enhancement requests
    Heather Fox/ Matthew Ertz - Anderson Music library, head of tech services, dark archive as well as for online reserves
    Jen Young - metadata coordinator, SME for metadta
    Julie H - metadata at IU
    MichelleHahn - collection manager at IU - outside at committee - recitals and concerts procuded by IU
    Allison McLanahan - collections and cataloging at IU
    Robin Pike - manager of digital conversion and media reformatting, Unic. of Maryland College Park
    Lindy Smith
    Emily Vinson


  • Include non-devs and devops in Avalon
  • Provide tools for communication and practices for inclusion
  • decide how we want to form - what is the next step?

Discussion items


Welcome and Introductions

Who you are,  what you do, where you are (city and workplace)

How do you use Avalon - 1 thing you could see improved


Why are we here?

-no imposters, no one is doing this wrong

-RoundTable concept, inclusion of users

-Improve Avalon, don't go chasing waterfalls


What can we do?

-How do we bring issues to our own teams

-How do we bring needs to Avalon?

-The importance of participation (and not just when you have a local issue)

email Jon Cameron and Julie when there's an issue -
Contact Paul Hoffman - programs systems manager - Fenway (NEC) Wentworth IT hosts - if files aren't working or play, even to get stats on usage
Lindy - BGSU - tend to go through local campus ITS, is issue with local install (tweaked to wrk with local needs)
Michelle -
Robin - has a service manager - Kate Dohe is collecting information and they have developers - will take technical requirements to the group -

Emily goes to slack when she has an issue she wants to bring to Slack - attend these meetings.

A network of users

-how to stay in touch (what tools do we need?)

-better together

-subgroups of interest?

-bringing Avalon group to larger groups?

Google Docs - Heather Fox (docs)
Slack - possible
Robin - notification
List-serve -

Jason Coleman - discovery/preservation based group - music - large ensemble concerts, faculty recitals, preservation and discovery - access for students
Emily - lots of questions around rights and access for music

Allison McLanahan - collections of things to keep together for archival context - archives of traditional music - cataloged and described at a collection level - in one item
- instead of collecting - one item for management - different ways use the system
Lindy - interested in similar - one record per year - 10 discs per year, radio show, show item in record
Heather from Louisville - start implementing with OH series - collection

Robin - interested in whatever we digitize through vendors - embedded metadata - how we can get Avalon to scrape metadata and autofill it into Avalon, falls in metadata realm

Archival materials with item levels - Jason has fully catalogued in -
Corrects of decision - 700 items - didn't want all of those links in an ILS

Action items