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  • Ryan Steans

  • Randy

  • Irene
  • Jon Cameron
  • Shannon Davis - WUSTL
  • Emily Vinson
  • Jason


Discussion items

State of OHMS at Louisville
  • Brought up the stack - had to do some hacky stuff to get the ingest to work loading of XML
  • failure - coded to use YouTube's API
  • failure - file uploaded, fails to retain that file so it can be downloaded at a later date - creates a temp file and then immediately deletes it
  • Tried two versions of XML files, both missing a subject entry - this was created by GS and unknown
  • Nota  bulk load option - something we can look at
  • Choose a file - pick worktype, a main Oral History worktype, OHMS - overrrides the primary oral history show file
  • Don't see anything that fails - had sidekick running to see what was failing where and manually trace failures - some sort of reporting when things are uploaded, how to do that with bulk uploading
  • loads very fast
  • if missing required fields - fails ugly
  • view screen is the accordion style view for indexed sections - has search, viewer, and was what Randy expected.  
  • Code for OHMS elements - not overly complicated JAVAScript- UI elements - can it be abstracted out?
    • yeah.  "Presenter" section of it we'd need to think about.  With Avalon, are there options for viewers?
    • We have our own fork of MediaElement
    • Just go with what Avalon has instead of offering options - 
    • with Ruby - ingest portion, timecodes and translating XML - spits it out in code and javascript handles it 

 Avalon and OHMS requirements

Emily - doing some more testing in OHMS - when we do the importer from AVP- viewer is really strange, when doing audio - Jon will follow up - 

Shannon - have a bunch of requirements:  innovation grant.  All the interviews are in, survey part out.  Want to be be able to search across ALL interviews.  Abaility to download the transcript as a doc.  Display the metadata for the interview where the transcript or video - collection, date, other info...  Wanted a still of interviewee with the file

Randy - for Metadata - inhouse use fields - have to do with rights, deed or gift.  Internal tags that get used, everything else is basic.  Collections, etc.. could be handled by other things.

Action items