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  • Bethany Scott
  • Thor Brickman
  • Ron Stantonik
  • Michael McFarlin
  • Miyuki Meyer
  • Jason Coleman


  • Avalon IIIF Player - Upcoming release 1.2.1

Meeting Notes

  • Thor is interested in meeting to talk deployment and containers. They also do controlled digital lending for books.
  • Jason working on upgrading their Avalon instance. Files uploaded in the UI can definitely be changed to alter the default 2 GB limit.
  • Michael - digital lending is timely. People have taken to streaming video and are very interested in deeper statistics on media views (how many actually clicked and watched the video, not just visited the page?) Also interested in containers and how things work in AWS; having some upgrade issues.
  • Bethany also interested in containers. Jon will schedule a roundtable just to talk about containers and deployment with the group.