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Access control and authentication

Sketches and brainstorms


End user perspective

From the viewpoint of a person simply trying to access content they won't directly interact with the Access / Authentication piece at all.


Faculty, instructor, or similar

This scenario examines a case where a person in charge of a group wants to attach some resources.

Librarian, reserves manager, or another third party

In this case the perspective is that of a librarian looking to add some materials for a professor to preview.

Outside researcher

An outside researcher finds something in the system that he or she wants to look into more closely. They request access which sends off a message to an adminstrator / curator who takes a look then approves access. This creates a special token and passphrase which can be shared with the researcher for short term access.


Access Control Management (live demo / PDF)


Access to resources (PDF)

End user perspectives on accessing materials within the system - ranges from ideas for unauthenticated access to students and instructors or faculty members 
building a collection for instructional or research purposes.


Embedded Player (live demo)

Technical discussion about authentication/authorization in embedded player.

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