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This is going to cover the changes between Avalon 5 and 6 setup.


The redis server must be started before you can start the resque worker.

sudo dnf install redis
sudo service redis start

Start the resque scheduler and worker

BACKGROUND=yes RAILS_ENV=development bundle exec rake resque:scheduler
BACKGROUND=yes RAILS_ENV=development QUEUE=* bundle exec rake resque:work

make sure avalon.yml streaming content_path is set

  stream_token_ttl: 20 #minutes
  rtmp_base: 'rtmp://localhost/avalon'
  http_base: 'http://localhost/streams'
  content_path: '/var/avalon/rtmp_streams/'
  default_quality: 'low'

If bundle exec rake db:migrate is giving you trouble, try db:reset first.

Start Avalon by running:

RAILS_ENV=development bundle exec rake server:development

This will automatically download Jetty and Solr

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