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Avalon integration into Hyrax

The Avalon Media System team is excited to announce the initial roadmap for Avalon 7.0. Our goal with Avalon 7.0 is to offer a full-featured media streaming application based on the modern Hydra stack. To this end, we plan  build on top of Hyrax, offering developers an environment they know and understand and offering administrators the flexibility to run stand-alone streaming solutions or integrate scalable streaming into existing Hyrax/Sufia repositories. As we work toward full-feature parity with Avalon 6.x, we will continue development and support.

The Path to Avalon 7.0

Spring/Summer 2017

  • Proof of Concept IIIF-AV-compliant Media Player within Hyrax
  • Proof of Concept IIIF-AV server Multiple streaming solutions
  • Hydra Derivatives extended to improve derivative creation for time-based media
  • Base Avalon Work model released

Proof of concept work can be viewed in the Hyrax POC label within Github Issues.

Fall 2017

  • Avalon Core components released with the ability to integrate into Hyrax
  • IIIF-AV compliant player configurable within a Hyrax repository
  • IIIF-AV compliant endpoints exposed
  • Extended Avalon Work model released

Winter 2017

  • First feature packs (clips/playlists)
  • Extended Avalon Works models released

Around Summer 2018

  • Full Feature Parity with Avalon 6.0
  • Migration Methods from Avalon 6.0 to a stand-alone Avalon 7.0 instance
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