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This page is deprecated as of Release 7.0.

Avalon creates multiple derivatives for each file during the transcoding process. The default configuration settings for each media type are given below. These defaults can be re-configured in the Matterhorn configuration files.


  • Medium = 128kbps/44.1khz AAC file
  • High = 320kbps/44.1khz AAC file


  • Low = 500kbps h.264/mp4 file, 128kbps/44.1khz AAC audio
  • Medium = 1mbps h.264/mp4 file, 128kbps/44.1khz AAC audio
  • High = 2mbps h.264/mp4 file, 192kbps/44.1khz AAC audio

Skip Transcoding File Requirements

In order to skip transcoding, files prepared for ingest must meet the following codec/format requirements:

  • Video - h.264/mp4
  • Audio - aac/mp4

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