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For information on current and previous versions of Avalon, please see the Releases page on Github.

Upcoming 6.x Releases

The current release of Avalon 6 is:  Avalon 6.5.0

  • Enhanced structural metadata editing—edit structure for a section visually (core)
  • Import of structure within media files (such as WAV cue points) upon ingest (depending on amount of effort, core or IU)
  • Performance improvements for objects and playlists with large numbers of items (investigate to decide whether core or IU)
  • IIIF Manifest generation from media objects (IU)

Release 7

Moving to Hyrax and the Modern Samvera Stack   

Our goal with Avalon 7.0 is to offer a full-featured media streaming application based on the modern Samvera stack. To this end, Avalon 7 will be built using Hyrax as a base, offering developers an environment they know and understand, and offering administrators the flexibility to run stand-alone streaming solutions or integrate scalable streaming into existing Hyrax-based applications. As we work toward full-feature parity with Avalon 6, we will continue development and support. Each dot release milestone is estimated to be an 8-week work cycle.

0.6 – April 26 - July 3

Avalon's transcoding pipeline will be near completion during this cycle. Avalon's component strategy will be fleshed out and documented. The Samvera PAWG group's work will also be evaluated, and the team will make a call on whether or not we need to add local permissions customization. The work of skinning Hyrax will also begin, with the goal of delivering an Avalon look and feel to the solution bundle.

  • Permissions WG Check in for work in .6
  • UI/ Design - skinning
  • Automation scripts - Ansible
  • Continued Transcoding pipeline work
  • Avalon 6.5 release

0.7 – July 3 - August 30

At the the end of this cycle, playlists will be completed and Avalon bundle will have a publish/unpublish feature analogous to it's current solution (ideally using core Hyrax features). During this cycle we will also complete permissions work necessary for Avalon 7. The transcoding pipeline and dashboard will be completed. Video will be able to be ingested in the Hyrax-driven Avalon, derivatives will be generated and video will be streamed using the IIIF player. Structural metadata should be able displayed and navigable. The primary goal at the end of this is to be able to ingest and describe objects.

  • Scope out and RFP Permissions work
    • Vendor to complete
  • Finish ingest pipeline and test ingestion in staged environment
  • Publish/ Unpublish workflow fleshed out
  • Develop plan for how to implement front end / design work
  • Finish and release Avalon Turnkey 6.x
  • Design work
  • 6.x Bug fix release

0.8 – September 13 - November 8

At the conclusion of this cycle, Avalon 6's structural metadata editor will be ported to the new release. The user interface will be fully customized an Avalon look and feel, and the ingest API will be implemented within the application. LTI authorization features will also be added for LMS integration.

  • Structural Metadata Editor - porting from Avalon 6
  • Ingest API
  • Continued UI Work
  • LTI Functionality

0.9 – November 22 - Jan 17

At the end of this cycle, the Avalon look and feel will continued to be refined. Documentation will be written or expanded upon for use by users and adopters.

  • Look and feel refinement
  • Instructions - Plugin/ Component Docs
  • Avalon Bundle BETA!
  • Ice Cream!

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