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For information on current and previous versions of Avalon, please see the Releases page on Github.

Release 6.3

Spring 2018 —New Media Player, Batch Ingest Rewrite, AWS Support
  • Updated Media Player
    • The media player within Avalon updated to MediaElement version 4
    • Support dropped for Adobe Flash Player in modern browsers
  • Batch Ingest Improvements
    • Avalon's batch ingest functionality will be able to handle very large jobs
    • Rewind functionality allows for bulk metadata changes to ingested items by way of
  • Code changes for running Avalon in AWS 

Release 7

Moving to Hyrax/ Modern Hydra Stack   

For more information on Release 7, please see our standalone road map: Avalon 7 Roadmap

Below are features originally planned for release 7; some of these will be edited or removed as Avalon is written to use Hyrax as its base.
  • PCDM support
  • Exhibits Via Spotlight 
  • Spotlight integration and implementation
  • How-to Documentation
  •  Strategy for QA
  • Staffing and workflow
  • Integrated Automated Test environments
  •  Remove RTMP Support 
  • Drop Flash
  • Investigate HLS on all platforms and its implications
  • Create one player view in Avalon
  • Re-implement media element customization against the main branch
  • Adjust streaming security model
  • Move to standard mediaelement
  •  Better internal permissions setup
  •  Gemification/Break interdependencies
  • Streaming gem for another repo app
  • Bulk metadata/editing gem
  •  Structural Metadata Improvements
  • granular seeking
  • move a master file to a different item
  • merge/split items
  • Better local transcode support
  • Descriptive metadata stored as RDF

Release 8 

Full feature list yet to be determined.

  • Publishing Out to External Media Sites 
  • Dynamic Adaptive Streaming 
  • Deeper integration with Hyrax Community 
  • Further gemification/shredding of core components

Technical work yet to be scheduled:

  • Improve unit testing 
  • SAAS solution 
  • RDF
  •  ImplemenPCDM
  •  Packaging/deployment, e.g. use of Docker. Improving installation experience.  
  • Scalability issues that may arise  
  • Automated functional testing

Unscheduled Features

  • Facebook integration 
  • Reporting and metrics 
  • Collections based group management 
  • Collections based master file handling 
  • Internationalization 
  • Administrative metadata (owner, digitizer)
  • Provenance metadata 
  • PBCore/DublinCore crosswalks 
  • Controlled Vocabularies 
  • Import media from other sources 
  • Image content/auxiliary items (how does Avalon fit with other initiatives?)
  • Integration with oral history tools



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