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Pre-Release Development Cycle

  1. master is renamed develop 
  2. release/1.0.0 is created off of develop and used only for r1-related bugfixes.
  3. Features bound for post-R1 releases are merged only into develop.
  4. When R1 is ready, release/1.0.0 is merged into master. (It may actually overlap the rcX releases a bit.)
  5. 1.x release candidates and releases are tagged on master.

Normal Development Cycle

  1. New features (destined for 1.1.0 or beyond) are developed in branches named after the story ticket and very short description (e.g., feature/VOV-XXXX-description).
  2. Completed features are merged into develop and their feature branches deleted. Any developer can merge, but a second set of eyes is encouraged.
  3. Fixes that need to be released ASAP (i.e., security issues or things that severely impact existing advertised functionality) are developed in hotfix/VOV-XXXX.
  4. Completed hotfixes are double-merged into master and develop. This requires the participation of the Release Manager responsible for the current master version.
  5. As soon as a hotfix is merged:
    1. Fixes and relevant caveats are documented in a cumulative Release Notes document, most recent changes at the top.
    2. A release announcement/notification is sent out to avalon-l and any other appropriate lists (hydra-partners, hydra-tech, hydra-releases, etc.).
  6. At code freeze for 1.1/2.0/etc., develop is branched as release/x.y.z and we go back to the Pre-Release cycle above.



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