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What does stable look like?

  • Media reliably transcodes
  • Elements on the page don’t jump around and get out of place
  • What was once working, stays working
  • Builds succeed reliably
  • System installs and continues to work on servers and individual machines 

Feature Freeze Process:  

  • When the above criteria are met, a feature freeze will be in place to provide stable testing.  
  • Testing script will be provided with specific end-user tests
  • Only prioritized and agreed on bugs (POs will approve fixes) will be fixed and related code pushed to the release branch.
  • Any code changes that violate the feature freeze must be approved by Release Manager and POs and thoroughly tested.

Code Freeze Process:

  • Release code to Master branch
  • Master branch is frozen until next release
  • Any code changes after this point must be approved by the Release Manager and thoroughly tested with the same script used during the feature freeze before being implemented. Process for merging code TBD by Release Manager.

Release criteria

  1. Installs cleanly at IU/NU on pilot/production systems
  2. Generic version of code available on Github (not one customized for IU/NU)
  3. It doesn’t break a lot
  4. It doesn’t look broken
  5. Document our benchmarking numbers for transcoding - with the system stats we’ve used
  6. Essential use cases work well
  7. Final documentation is complete and organized on the wiki (Collection Managers Guide, Sys Admin, Install)
  8. Process for partner support in place

Code change plan - release branching
See:  Branching and Tagging Releases

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