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Avalon has 4 default roles:   

  • Administrator - Administrators are a select few who have responsibility for providing an Avalon-based service. The administrators assign people to the manager role and maintain the list of units. Administrators are the only ones who can see and modify items in any collection. This role is typically limited to system administrators and administrative unit managers. Administrators do not need to be added to individual collections since they can view, edit, and delete any items in Avalon. 
  • Manager - Managers are those within a given unit who have overall accountability for the collection building within Avalon. Managers create collections and assign editor and depositor roles for those collections. They set the default access controls for items added to a collection and they also step in when a published item needs to be revised or deleted. 
  • Editor - Editors have supervisory responsibility for the ingest and description process (i.e. collection building). They can assign depositor roles, change the name or description of a collection, and modify access controls for individual items in a collection.
  • Depositor - Depositors add media to a collection and describe it with metadata. They can publish items but not unpublish. They can only modify or delete unpublished items.

Permissions are also inherited (i.e. an editor can do anything a depositor can do, a manager can do anything editors and depositors can do, an administrator can do anything).

Create administrative units


View all collectionsX

Create collectionsX  
Edit collection informationXX

Set default collection access controlXX

Delete collectionsXX

Manage groupsX

Add/remove managersXX

Add/remove editorsXX

Add/remove depositorsXXX
Add itemsXXXX
Set item access controlXXX
Add metadataXXXX
Publish itemsXXXX
Edit published itemsXX

Delete published itemsXX

Unpublish itemsXX

Edit unpublished itemsXXXX
Delete unpublished itemsXXXX
Move items to other collectionsXX

Batch uploadXXXX
View administrative metadataXXXX
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