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Chris Colvard's LTI authentication walkthrough:

(11:39:22 PM) cjcolvar: the lti omniauth provider is configured here:
(11:39:42 PM) cjcolvar: with a hash of key/secret pairs which are valid
(11:40:07 PM) cjcolvar: this gets read in here:
(11:40:28 PM) cjcolvar: and passed to devise here:
(11:41:51 PM) cjcolvar: that makes a omniauth callback route: /users/auth/lti/callback
(11:42:46 PM) cjcolvar: which is used to setup the lti tool inside the LMS
(11:43:48 PM) cjcolvar: For Oncourse(sakai):
(11:43:48 PM) cjcolvar: Required Information
(11:43:48 PM) cjcolvar: *Remote Tool Url:
(11:43:48 PM) cjcolvar: *Remote Tool Key: samplekey
(11:43:48 PM) cjcolvar: *Remote Tool Secret: samplesecret
(11:45:00 PM) cjcolvar: when accessing that tool, it posts to that callback route with a big context hash:
(11:45:29 PM) atomical: you enter that information under Module in Canvas
(11:46:55 PM) cjcolvar: This hits the OmniauthCallbacksController which calls the provider implementation to verify that the authentication succeeded and if so calls User#find_for_lti:
(11:47:59 PM) cjcolvar: Now we have a user and we setup the virtual_groups for it by pulling the context_id out of the posted hash
(11:48:19 PM) mbklein: And are all of the differences between what I can accomplish as a local user and what my LTI login will let me do encapsulated in the Ability class?
(11:48:35 PM) cjcolvar: right now, no
(11:48:46 PM) cjcolvar: it is handled here:
(11:48:59 PM) cjcolvar: if there are virtual groups, only return those
(11:49:07 PM) cjcolvar: for User#groups
(11:49:42 PM) cjcolvar: so you wouldn't have the manager/administrator/group_manager group when logging in through lti
(11:50:06 PM) cjcolvar: we could switch that over to ability logic instead
(11:51:21 PM) cjcolvar: the virtual groups need to be stuffed into the session because the modified user object doesn't stick around during the whole request:
(11:51:52 PM) mbklein: cool
(11:52:04 PM) cjcolvar: which then gets used throughout the session:
(11:52:55 PM) cjcolvar: the user is redirected to the search page with the virtual group facet applied:
(11:53:01 PM) cjcolvar: that's it for now
(11:53:41 PM) cjcolvar: I think we might need some sort of "lti_session" flag in the session so we're not relying upon the existence of virtual_groups
(11:53:51 PM) cjcolvar: and lealeelu is reworking the configuration part
(11:51:20 PM) pdinh: How does the "provider implementation verify that the authentication succeeded"
(11:55:12 PM) cjcolvar: pdinh: it checks the key/secret pair as well as timestamps I believe
(11:55:14 PM) cjcolvar:
(11:56:13 PM) cjcolvar:

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