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Getting started

System Requirements


Base System Installation

Linux (RHEL)


Puppet (automatic and manual)

Adobe Media Server

Configuration Files

Creating an End-User VM Image

Design and infrastructure

Dependency Graphs

Interface Configuration

Supported Source Formats and Codecs

Release Planning

Wireframes and Sketches

Workflow Documentation

Version Control

Video player

User, Group and Class Access

System Overview 

Metadata and modeling

Batch Ingest Package Format

Resource Description Help

Metadata Crosswalks


Testing environments

Test Media

Test Servers

Technical Documentation

Quick links to Avalon technical documentation

Bulk editing

Troubleshooting Guide


Migration Scripts

R2 Upgrade

R3 Upgrade

Hydra 7 + Blacklight 4 + Bootstrap 3 + Rails 4 Upgrade

Team only pages (Restricted access)

Test Process for Release 5

Avalon Testers

Test Results

Test Server Credentials

How to Give a User Edit Access on Pawpaw

NU Pilot

Hydra and Fedora Content Models

Metadata Standards

Encoding Profiles

Playback Quality Testing

VOV-3004 - Different video bitrates testing

Cleanly delete a Media Object

VOV-3646 - Derivative Storage Issue

Out of date documentation

Technical Investigations

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