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Labeling conventions

This documentation explains how to override the default settings so that you can customize Avalon for your own needs.

Application title

To set the default look for the :title yield block in the file app/views/layout/hydrant.html.erb

Avalon Media System

To add additional context add a content_for block in the current template. The free text will be prepended to the application's default label. For example one screen (views/media_objects/_basic_metadata.erb) may be tailored to read

Ingest workflow – Avalon Media System

Yield block for titles
<p><%= content_for :title do %>Search results for params[:q].sanitize<% end %></p>

Custom stylesheets

Avalon uses Twitter Bootstrap and the SASS precompiler to build dynamic stylesheets. Along with default Hydra and Blacklight styles there are customized overrides. Local stylesheets can be found in app/assets/stylesheets.

Edit the branding.css.scss to customize the presentation or override default styles per your needs. Styles in branding.css.scc set variables that are used in other stylesheets to override default Bootstrap and Blacklight styles. All stylesheets are imported into application.scss, which prefers branding.css.scss over the others.


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