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Trimming unnecessary operations

For a lean, quick workflow, we should delete all "presentation" operations.

Distributing to HTML5 video formats

Look into etc/encoding/ to find the different H264 encodings we could use.

Things to look out for (as of 1.4):

  • You will run into "Preset default not found". This is because FFMPEG_DATADIR is not set. By default, set it to

    export FFMPEG_DATADIR=/opt/local/var/macports/build/_Users_Shared_dports_multimedia_ffmpeg/ffmpeg/work/ffmpeg-0.6/ffpresets
  • Inside ffpresets/libx264-default.ffpreset
    • directpred=1 is old, should be direct-pred=1
    • flags2=+mixed_refs+wpred+dct8x8+fastpskip is no longer understood, remove
  • Inside etc/encoding/
    • deblockalpha, deblockbeta are deprecated, remove
Newer ffmpeg uses internal presets instead of presets folder so we'll need to prepare for that.
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