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Resque jobs

Resque has a built-in web UI to look at your jobs, mounted at /jobs if user logs in as an admin 

System status

This documentation is for Release 6.x. For Avalon 5.x, 4.x and 3.x see v.14. For Avalon 2.0, see v.7.

The Avalon web application provides a status monitoring page at /about/health. It reports on the current status of each of Avalon's major components:

  • Fedora
  • Solr
  • the database connection (MySQL, Oracle, etc.)
  • Opencast Matterhorn
  • Mediainfo
  • the RTMP streaming server (Adobe Media Server or Red5)

The HTML view of the page simply provides a list of services and a badge reading OK or Error (along with any service-provided error messages), and a link to click through for a detailed view of each service.

Machine-readable status

By appending .xml.json, or .yaml to the URL (e.g., /about/health.json), you can retrieve a machine-readable status report that can be parsed and acted on by any number of enterprise monitoring tools.

The main /about page (also retrievable as .xml.json, or .yaml) provides much more information about the system, including Fedora/Solr/Database configuration info, a full list of Matterhorn services and status, and a complete list of installed Ruby gems (and versions) required by Avalon.

To retrieve the same report from the command line instead of via HTTP:

$ cd /var/www/avalon/current
# Concise service health/status report:
$ bundle exec rake about:health[format]
# Full configuration report:
$ bundle exec rake about:report[format]
# (where format is xml, json, or yaml) 
This page is behind authentication; a privileged user must be logged into the Avalon instance for status monitoring files and web pages to be accessible.
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