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This meeting is to:

  •         Intros and interests in OHMS in Avalon
  •         Agree upon goals of group
  •         Discuss current state of OHMS via GSU, etc…
  •         Discuss potential workplans and communication strategies

  • Irene - Audio visual cataloging archivist coordination supervisor
  • Extensive collections of OH which they’ve been making available
  • Shannon - transcripts innovation grants - implement an OHMS pilot program.  Avalon. OHMS. 6-7 interviews for pilot.
  • Emily Vinson - Avalon users, testing in OHMS.  OH and transcripts, need to get them in the same place
  • Randy - Louisville - systems librarian, applications.  Using OHMS for a few years. Application is in PHP.
  • Get all metadata to be in Avalon.
  • Jon, Maria, Chris -

Short term - figure out what OHMS and Avalon will look like, gauge effort on wider effort

More details on use cases, collecting information on collections

   Ex: metadata in Avalon requirement

Two examples of how Avalon uses metadata now - one off records

Integration with library catalog - BibImport based on catalog manager needs

Create new fields within Avalon? - how difficult is that?  Descriptive metadata baked into MODS. technical info in Fedora not exposed in MODS.  What we don’t have, what’s extra.

Ask Julie about those extra fields and devs what it would take?

Fields:  XML, separate from XML?  Or can we leave in XML and use XML in navigation.  

Preliminary mapping - (example:  interviewer/ Interviewee/ collection series/ controlled vocab options)

Language -

Use Case:  Had XML files and Avalon - how would you want that to work?

  Randy - using not much technical data, but more of the series and transcripts.  Use as much as we could and provide to users. Would we want to add fields beyond what’s in the XML.

Pulling from an XML and a database - interviewer, etc… series, series ID, interview numbers (tape #’s), behind the scenes:  public can or should access it

Emily - we have videos in Avalon (some migrated out of ContentDM) and PDF transcripts.  Robust transcripts not connected to videos in any way - just a link between platforms, so anything is better.  

SHannon - Majority is AV and then transcripts are in TEI XML - most have timecodes.  Reusing would be great if we could import them.

Options beyond what OHMS offers is -

AI:  Randy will stand up the GSU package

AI:  everyone else, consider what you have and what your requirements might be.  

From there we will evaluate needs - consider Baloney sandwich approach against 6.5 and then consider the requirements for a Dagwood

WHat’s the name of the package -

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