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Proposed platforms to test and support in our first-year release.

(XP - 7) 
Linux Android
Safari xx  
Firefoxxx x 
IE 8, 9 x    
Chromexx x 
Android    x

The platforms are prioritized from left to right, so if we have to drop support, we would first drop Android, then Linux, then iOS.

Links to trend data:

Institution-specific data:

  File Modified
PDF File NUL Public Website 9.1.2010-4.17.2012 Browser & OS Stats.pdf Stats from Northwestern Apr 19, 2012 by Mark Notess
PDF File IU Libraries visits by OS.pdf Apr 20, 2012 by Mark Notess
PDF File IU LIbraries visits by browser.pdf Apr 20, 2012 by Mark Notess

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