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This is copied from Jon's email to the VoV community regarding the first release. (Email from Tuesday April 17th)

First Release Planned for December 2012

The first release of the VoV system is planned for December 2012, with the intent of supporting partner pilots during Spring 2013. The development team is working to include the following features in Release 1:


  • The audio and video player will work in the main browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, and Safari – and on mobile devices (iOS and Android).
  • Users will be able to create, store, and share audio and video clips and playlists.
  • Integration with a variety of authentication systems will be supported, along with management of group-based authorization.
  • In addition to a basic manual ingest tool, the system will provide a batch import facility.
  • For fast and easy discovery, VoV will include a search interface based on the Blacklight discovery tool.
  • Administrators will be able to monitor their installation of VoV to quickly detect and troubleshoot problems.
  • Ingest, management, and search functionality will be built as a Hydra head.


VoV community members will have access to a test environment to try out the first release. Development will be taking place in Github at Instructions for download and installation of intermediate versions of the system will be available on the VoV community website when the site is launched in May.

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