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This list contains the things which have been changed between the last formal R1 release in April and the pending R2 release this fall. This should make the process of building a migration script easier.



Collections are now first class items instead of just an attribute in the metadata stream

    • Take the first collection associated since objects can no longer belong to multiple collections
    • New collection object needs to be extracted from the existing metadata
    • Need a default collection for items which currently belong to no collection in R1

Access control defaults can now be set for new items based on the collection

Collections are managed by Units

    • Assign all collections to Default Unit
    • Administrators must go in to each collection manually to correct this after updating controlled_vocabulary.yml

Units are managed by the controlled_vocabulary.yml file

    • controlled_vocabulary.yml file needs to be installed



The interface supports creating arbitrary groups beyond just the defaults for adding users to the system and administering content

Renamed system groups to reflect the new model (

    • Create new groups with new system names, copy over users, delete old groups
    • Update MediaObject rightsMetadata entries with old system group names with new names
    • Change system group names in role_map files

Cannot rename or delete system groups

Can configure system groups in avalon.yml

    • avalon.yml file needs to have system groups updated



Use mediaelement.js in place of the default Matterhorn player

About page with system health

Custom thumbnails for video content by taking a "snapshot" during playback

    • MasterFile objects need to have posterOffset and thumbnailOffset added
    • avalon.yml needs to have ffmpeg path

Changes to routes

    • Notify that routes have changed



Upgrade to Hydra Head 6.0

New solr schema suffixes: We have to update the solr server and run ActiveFedora::Base.reindex_all first thing before any content upgrades can happen

Upgrade of Fedora

Upgrade of ActiveFedora

Upgrade of Solr

    • Upgrade solr
    • Put avalon's new solr schema and solr config in place

Update of Matterhorn

    • Update Matterhorn config files for anamorphic inputs

Metadata schema for records

    • Migrate MediaObject, MasterFile, and Derivative objects to use R2 metadata schema



Change the way that session tokens are handled



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