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R1: The user stories created to fulfill Release One

Release Board created during training session

Story: As a librarian, I want the VoV content stored/managed with Fedora so that the content is easier to find in the future

Done: Major content & assets are stored in Fedora.


Story: As an acquisitions librarian, I can save license begin/end information with the video in VoV (metadata or wherever) 

Done: Begin/end info stored in system, staff can find and see it.


Story: As a mobile user, I can watch a video using my smartphone

Done: The video plays correctly on an iPhone with all controls for a test video.


Story: Video plays back on multiple platforms

Done: Video plays on iOS and Flash.


Story: Video plays back on mobile devices

Done: Video can be played on iOS and Android phones.


Story: As a student registered for a course, I am able to see a video posted for my class

Done: Student A is not able to see materials for a class not registered for but Student B, who is registered, can see a video posted in his test course


Story: Faculty/Staff make playlists

Done: Playlists accessible to authorized users.


Story: User can login to VoV site, authentication is made against LDAP or Kerebos

Done: User can login to VoV via appropriate university credentials.


Story: User without university credentials can be provisioned.

Done: Temp account created and has access.


Story: Embedded authorization

Done: Can authorize anywhere.


Story: As a test manager, I need to know who can test which platform so that I can organize QA

Done: Test partners commitments up on wiki.


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