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Update Version Number

Edit config/application.rb and change the VERSION variable to whatever version we're at. You could put RC for release candidate, but it probably isn't needed.

Prepare Puppet

Run the puppet install from the develop branch

Puppet Repositories to check:
avalon-installer - the main installer
Submodules that we maintain

From a clean VM (if you need one, I have a few to spare), run the puppet install steps to the point before you have to download avalon-installer-flat. Instead of downloading the flat, clone the git repository and initialize the submodules. Changes will have to be made, let's make those changes easy to track and push back up! --Make your own branch please--

git clone
git checkout -b release-3.2 #change the release number obviously
git submodule update --init --recursive
vim modules/avalon/manifests/params.pp #change branch from master to develop -- do not commit, just for testing

Edit modules/avalon/manifests/params.pp so that "master" is changed to "develop".

The following command is your friend if the deploy keeps failing. The error messages are more detailed.

tail -f /opt/staging/avalon/deploy.log


Run the rest of the install, see what breaks, fix the breaks, push changes back up.

Puppet Upgrade

Run the puppet upgrade on a previous version


How to build a flat installer archive:

First clone this and put its bin directory in your path.
All you have to do to flatten is switch to the branch you want to flatten (master), then git flatten -f flat
Then git push -f origin flat
To get back to the modularized master:
rm -rf modules
git checkout master
git reset --hard
git submodule update
//You need to get the modules directory out of the way or git will complain of conflicts when you try to switch back to master
//Then the reset --hard fixes that