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This is our experience in standing up another Avalon system on the same host to do blue-green deployment.

Clone Fedora

In Tomcat, copy webapps/fedora to webapps/fedora3.

Copy /usr/local/fedora to /usr/local/fedora3

Copy /usr/local/tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/fedora.xml to fedora3.xml and point "fedora.home" to /usr/local/fedora3

Clone avalon Solr core

In /usr/local/solr/solr.xml, clone core avalon and give it a new name, eg "avalon_r5"

Copy /usr/local/solr/avalon to /usr/local/solr/avalon_r5

Clone Matterhorn

Copy matterhorn and opencast folder to a new location.
Edit links and paths in /usr/local/matterhorn/etc/
Make sure cron jobs: and chmod -R g+w /digitize/dropbox/ are running

Clone database

Give it a new name

Deploy Avalon to new folder

Make dir /var/www/avalon_r5

Copy shared folder from /var/www/avalon to avalon_r5

Edit shared yml files to reflect changes in DB, Fedora, Solr

Add new virtual host with new domain name to etc/httpd/conf.d/avalon.conf and ssl.conf 

Cap deploy from your local machine to server. For really large repo, you may want to migrate and reindex separately in a screen/tmux session.

Make sure your background jobs are running and pointing to new Avalon location.

Reindex Solr

Manually kick off rake avalon:reindex. This can take a very long time if you have a large collection, better run it in a tmux session.

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