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For upgrades from Avalon 5 to 6.1, perform the actions in this document after completing the migration steps detailed in Upgrading Avalon 5.1.6 to Avalon 6.0.

See What's New in Avalon 6.1 for more details.

Upgrade Steps

For manual install:

Download and deploy new code from avalon repo

git checkout master
git pull

Update gems and DB

bundle install
RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake db:migrate

Restart passenger (if using)

passenger-config restart-app

Restart Resque (background jobs processor)

pkill -f resque
RAILS_ENV=production BACKGROUND=yes bundle exec rake resque:scheduler
RAILS_ENV=production BACKGROUND=yes QUEUE=* bundle exec rake resque:work

For Docker install:

For users who installed Avalon using our docker-compose script

Fetch new script

git checkout master
git pull

Download new images and update the containers

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up

Upgrade to using Database-backed Noid ID Minter

Avalon 6.1 switched to using a database-backed noid id minter by default since it is more robust and recommended by the active_fedora-noid gem.

Set up the DB for minter state


bundle exec rake db:migrate

Backup your minter state file (default location is /tmp/minter-state). Skip if you do not have one.

cp /tmp/minter-state /tmp/minter-state.bak
bundle exec rake active_fedora:noid:migrate:yaml_to_marshal
bundle exec rake active_fedora:noid:file_to_database
# Remove the minter state file
rm /tmp/minter-state

If the following command runs without any output then it was successful

bundle exec rails r ""

Post-Upgrade steps

# Add a Fedora4 record identifier to existing MODS record
bundle exec rake avalon:migrate:record_identifier
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