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Steps to having a shiny new IU Pilot Server

  1. Checkout the master branch from iu-avalon/avalon.
  2. Add avalonmediasystem/avalon as upstream and pull changes.
  3. Push into new version branch (ex: iu-pilot-3.0.0)
  4. Cherry picked 20eb8afd (probably) and make sure this change is added.
  5. Resolve conflicts, commit and push to release branch on github.
  6. Push release branch -> master.


  • If there are any new config files, drop them into the shared directory and symlink them.
  • For each new checkout, Capastrano creates a release directory and symlinks that directory to current.

Update config files -> avalon.yml (domain)

Permalink? -> skip for now

SCM_BRANCH="iu-pilot-3.0.0" cap deploy -> need ssh key for

migrations failed due to 500 on retrieving migrationInfo datastream...had to manually migrate: avalon:2060

R2ContentToR3 migration failed because it was expecting a property to be  returned by Matterhorn but Matterhorn hadn't been upgraded yet

Dropboxes weren't created during R2ContentToR3 migration so had to manually create them from console:

Admin::Collection.all.each do |collection|
  if ! collection.dropbox_directory_name




capastrano_deploy.rb needs be brought in sync with upstream avalon

conflict with gemfile.local, but we have it in upstream avalon.  Need to make gemfile.local be linked or copied during cap deploy.

Apply some of these changes in iu-avalon or incorporate into instructions:


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