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What's OHMS?

OHMS, the Oral History Metadata Synchronizer, is an application used to assist with transcription and indexing tasks for oral history recordings. For more information about OHMS, see the OHMS website. OHMS can use a variety of different media sources for audio and video playback, including Avalon.

Using Avalon as a Media Source in OHMS Records

Under Media Format, select Audio or Video to match the type of content.

Select Avalon as the Media Host location.

On an Avalon item page, select the section you wish to use.

Click the Share link found at the bottom of the media player and click the Embed tab.

Select the text area containing the embed code and copy the text.

Paste this text into the metadata page for the OHMS record in the .

Save the OHMS record.

Avalon can be configured to create permalinks for items when the Publish action is initiated. If your Avalon instance is configured to use permalinks, follow the additional step below.

  1. Add the URL scheme (http, https) to the URL in the embed code. In the image above, for example, you would need to replace '//' with ''
  2. Set the Avalon Target Domain field to the URL of your Avalon instance. For example, if your permalink is and your Avalon instance URL is, enter '' into the Avalon Target Domain field.

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