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This article explains how the XML tags in Variations files map to Avalon Field Names. In the Batch Spreadsheet, the following columns are required: Bibliographic ID, Title, Creator, Date Issued, File. Bibliographic ID does not require information in the column, but successfully pulling from IUCat will pull the IUCat information for that particular Variations item.


These Avalon Field Name columns are required (except for Bibliographic ID) for a successful batch ingest. If the Bibliographic ID is provided in the ingest, the other field names will be imported from IUCat.

Variations XpathAvalon Field Name
AudioAccessPage/RecordSet/MediaObject/LabelBibliographic ID
RecordSet/Container/PublicationDateDate Issued

Bibliographic ID

Variations item Xpath: AudioAccessPage/RecordSet/MediaObject/Label 

The Bibliographic ID uses the Variations name for each particular item. This name corresponds with the title of each Variations XML file. So for example, the Variations name of AAD4236 has an XML file named AAD4236.xml. IUCat records use the Variations name as well.

Inside the XML file, the following tag Xpath contains the Variations name:

In the Batch Spreadsheet, set Bibliographic ID Label to "other".


Variations item Xpath: RecordSet/Container/DisplayTitle

The title of the Variations item is defined by the DisplayTitle tag.


Variations item Xpath: RecordSet/Container/Publisher

The creator is defined by the Publisher tag. This tag is not always defined in the XML files. If the publisher is not defined, use "unknown" in the Batch Spreadsheet.

Date Issued

Variations item Xpath: RecordSet/Container/PublicationDate

The date issued is defined by the PublicationDate tag. 


Variations item Xpath: AudioAccessPage/RecordSet/MediaObject/Label

The file name includes the Variations name and pulls from the same Xpath. An example, When there are more than one files for an item, the letter following the Variations name increments alphabetically. Thus, is the second file for Variations item AAD4236.

In the Batch Spreadsheet, set Label to "" (blank) for each File column.


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