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Google Drive can be used as a substitute for the filesystem dropbox. Through the browse-everything interface, collection managers can pick and ingest files from their own "My Drive" or a Shared Drive.

Steps to setup Google Drive with Avalon:

  1. First you need a Google Developer Account 
  2. Enable the Google Drive API.
  3. Add an OAuth 2.0 credential, take note of the id and secret
  4. Add these configs to Avalon. You can share a Redis instance with Avalon or use a separate one.
    client_id: <oauth id>
    client_secret: <oauth secret>
    # redis_token_store_url: redis://host:port # if different from Avalon's Redis

Limitations: batch ingest does not work with Google Drive. Use filesystem or S3 (AWS, MinIO, HCP) for batch ingest.

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