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  • VWWP Guidelines for Scholarly Annotations
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Biographies of writers , in addition to introductions and scholarly annotations to their texts, are designed to be brief but thorough.  Our projected audience is scholarly, but not one with an in-depth knowledge of the Victorian period.  Each entry should be 3-4 pages in length and should include a list of works cited.  


The Dictionary of Literary Biography provides an excellent model for style and content.  It can be accessed through the IU Library here:;jsessionid=FFC37D1D7644E0CE0FFACF0C200B26DA?locID=iuclassb 

    Biographies should include the following information:
        Place and date of birth
        Parents, siblings, famous relatives
        Writing career, occupation
        Place and date of death


Introductions should provide an overview of the work’s main features, themes, tropes, style, genre, etc.  This is not intended to be a critical analysis of the work but rather serves as a reading guide.  This portion of the introduction should discuss the work’s literary and historical context as well as its publication history.  (Many of the texts in the VWWP were published serially in periodicals before being disseminated in book form. Newspaper databases, such as Waterloo and Nineteenth Century Periodicals online are helpful resources.)  

Since this is a digital resource, it is helpful to provide information about the physical book as well.  For example, the copy of Myths of the Odyssey in Art and Literature that was scanned for the VWWP was given to King’s College Women’s Library by the author.  The front jacket contains a list of borrowing rules, and the title page bears her handwriting. 

Scholarly Annotations

Fully encoded texts should include both the author’s footnotes and your additional notes.  Information about historical figures, literary references, locations, important events may be added to the text.  Definitions of obscure words or period terms, translations of foreign phrases, and explanations of idioms are also helpful.  The goal is to be informative rather than interpretive.  These additional notes should be thorough but not copious and should be tailored to a scholarly audience but not necessarily one with an in-depth knowledge of the Victorian period. 

Keyword Tags  

Please suggest 3-5 subject headings and genre keyword for your text.  Examples include “children’s literature”, “Shakespearian drama”, “travel literature”, and “melodrama”.


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