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  • VAB3905: The tabular data did not OCR cleanly on page 2; Re-keyed the data. Reported by Michelle Dalmau.
  • VAB####: Problem Description. Reported by First Name Last Name.
  • VAB7867: Illegible text across three pages (pp. 36-38; PDF pp. 41-43). Too significant to transcribe? Reported by Michelle Dalmau.
  • VAB7403: Problems with OCR on words on the left side of odd-numbered pages. These range from a few missing letters on each line to nearly half of a page of illegible text. I've been transcribing the missing text, but the problems seem to be getting worse (see VAB7403-059, for example). The PDF is clear, though. Can this be easily fixed, or should I continue to transcribe? Reported by Emily Witsell.
    • I tried making some adjustments to the images and re-running the OCR. I think the results are somewhat improved. I'm emailing the txt files that were created. For any page where the txt file gives better results than what is already in the TEI, simply copy and paste. --Annette
  • VAB7400: Major OCR problems throughout body of text.  Just looking at the first 20 pages, the following pages are quite bad: 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 16, 17, 18.  I can go through the rest of the text for all problem pages if necessary.  --Rebecca
    • Asked Angela to pull the book and Annette to assess. Rebecca will upload VAB7400 to Xubmit with a detailed log comment and work on another book in the interim. --Michelle
  • VAB1840 and VAB7389: While looking for another text, I found OCR problems with these two files as well.  --Rebecca
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