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Legacy Texts

This is a list of legacy texts which were previously encoded but need a biography of the author and/or an introduction to the text.


  • IP In Progress
  • C Completed
  • E Encoded
VAB#PURLAuthorTitleBiographyIntroductionGenre/SubjectAnnotationsDate CompletedEditor ReviewNotes
VAB7010VAB7010Booth, Catherine MumfordPapers on Aggressive ChristianityJenna Whittaker (IP)      
VAB7011VAB7011Butler, Josephine E.Mrs. Butler's Appeal to the Women of AmericaJenna Whittaker (IP)      
VAB7012VAB7012Nesbit, E.The Story of the Amulet       
VAB7013VAB7013Bevington, Louisa S.An Anarchist Manifesto       
VAB7014VAB7014Bevington, Louisa S.Anarchism and Violence       
VAB7015VAB7015Blind, MathildeThe Ascent of Man       
VAB7016VAB7016Cambridge, AdaAt Midnight and Other StoriesJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7017VAB7017Linton, E. LynnThe Autobiography of Christopher Kirkland, Vol. 1       
VAB7018VAB7018Linton, E. LynnThe Autobiography of Christopher Kirkland, Vol. 2       
VAB7019VAB7019Linton, E. LynnThe Autobiography of Christopher Kirkland, Vol. 3       
VAB7020VAB7020Craik, Dinah MariaAvillion and Other Tales, Vol. 1Judson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7021VAB7021Nesbit, E.Ballads and Lyrics of Socialism 1883-1908       
VAB7022VAB7022Belloc, Bessie RaynerBallads and Songs       
VAB7023VAB7023Ward, Mrs. HumphryThe Story of Bessie Costrell       
VAB7024VAB7024Bevington, Louisa S.Poems, Lyrics, and Sonnets       
VAB7025VAB7025Caird, MonaBeyond the Pale. An Appeal on Behalf of the Victims of Vivisection.Lauren Simek (C)      
VAB7026VAB7026Blind, MathildeBirds of Passage: Songs of the Orient and Occident       
VAB7027VAB7027Webster, AugustaBlanche Lisle and Other Poems.       
VAB7028VAB7028Blind, MathildeSongs and Sonnets       
VAB7029VAB7029Webster, AugustaA Book of Rhyme       
VAB7030VAB7030Bodichon, Barbara Leigh SmithA Brief Summary in Plain Language of the Most Important Laws Concerning Women; Together with a Few Observations Thereon       
VAB7031VAB7031Craik, Dinah MariaThe Adventures of a Brownie as Told to My ChildJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7032VAB7032Malet, LucasThe History of Sir Richard Calmady: a Romance       
VAB7033VAB7033Malet, LucasThe Carissima: a Modern Grotesque       
VAB7034VAB7034Norton, CarolineThe Child of the IslandsJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7035VAB7035Clive, CarolinePoems       
VAB7036VAB7036Schreiner, OliveA Closer Union: A Letter on the South African Union and the Principles of Government       
VAB7037VAB7037Cobbe, Frances PowerWhy Women Desire the FranchiseJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7038VAB7038Broughton, RhodaCometh Up as a Flower: an Autobiography, Vol. 1       
VAB7039VAB7039Broughton, RhodaCometh Up as a Flower: an Autobiography, Vol. 2       
VAB7040VAB7040Bevington, Louisa S.Common-Sense Country       
VAB7041VAB7041OuidaA Village Commune, Vol. I       
VAB7042VAB7042OuidaA Village Commune, Vol. II       
VAB7043VAB7043Craik, Dinah MariaPoemsJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7044VAB7044Cobbe, Frances PowerCriminals, idiots, women and minorsJudson Lit Class (IP)Mara Inglezakis (IP)     
VAB7045VAB7045Webster, AugustaDaffodil and the Croäxaxicans: a Romance of History       
VAB7046VAB7046Ward, Mrs. HumphryDaphne, or Marriage a la Mode       
VAB7047VAB7047Caird, MonaThe Daughters of DanausLauren Simek (C)Carina Saxon (IP)     
VAB7048VAB7048Bevington, Louisa S.Chiefly a Dialogue. Concerning Some Difficulties of a Dunce       
VAB7049VAB7049OuidaDog of Flanders, and Other Stories       
VAB7050VAB7050Blind, MathildeDramas in Miniature       
VAB7051VAB7051Webster, AugustaDramatic Studies       
VAB7052VAB7052Norton, CarolineThe Dream, and Other PoemsJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7053VAB7053Schreiner, OliveDream Life and Real Life: a Little African Story       


Schreiner, OliveDreams       
VAB7055VAB7055Bevington, Louisa S.Dame Nature's Dumb Sermon       
VAB7056VAB7056Butler, Josephine E.The Education and Employment of WomenJenna Whittaker (IP)Jenna Whittaker (IP)     
VAB7057VAB7057Nesbit, E.Songs of Love and Empire       
VAB7059VAB7059Bodichon, Barbara Leigh SmithReasons For and Against the Enfranchisement of Women       
VAB7060VAB7060Ward, Mrs. HumphryEngland's Effort: Letters to an American Friend       
VAB7061VAB7061Norton, CarolineEnglish Laws for Women in the Nineteenth CenturyJudson Lit Class (IP)Judson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7062VAB7062Skene, FeliciaThe Inheritance of Evil, Or, the Consequence of Marrying a Deceased Wife's Sister       
VAB7063VAB7063Booth, Catherine MumfordFemale Teaching: Or, The Rev. A.A. Rees versus Mrs. Palmer, Being a Reply to a Pamphlet by the Above Gentleman on the Sunderland RevivalJenna Whittaker (IP)Jenna Whittaker (IP)     
VAB7064VAB7064Clive, CarolinePaul Ferroll       
VAB7065VAB7065Nesbit, E.Five Children and It       
VAB7067VAB7067Blind, MathildeGeorge Eliot       
VAB7068VAB7068Butler, Josephine E.The New Godiva: A Dialogue; and; A Letter to the International Convention of Women at WashingtonJenna Whittaker (IP)      
VAB7069VAB7069Lee, VernonGospels of Anarchy and Other Contemporary Studies       
VAB7070VAB7070Clive, CarolineJohn Greswold, Vol. I       
VAB7071VAB7071Clive, CarolineJohn Greswold, Vol. II       
VAB7072VAB7072Cambridge, AdaThe Hand in the Dark and Other PoemsJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7073VAB7073Lee, VernonHauntings       
VAB7074VAB7074Bird, Isabella L.The Hawaiian ArchipelagoJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7075VAB7075Meynell, AliceHearts of ControversyJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7076VAB7076Blind, MathildeThe Heather on Fire: a Tale of Highland Clearances       
VAB7077VAB7077Clive, CarolineI Watched the Heavens       
VAB7079VAB7079Yonge, Charlotte Henrietta's Wish; or, Domineering: a TaleJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7080VAB7080Nesbit, E.In Homespun       
VAB7081VAB7081Nesbit, E.The Incomplete Amorist       
VAB7082VAB7082Booth, Catherine MumfordThe Iniquity of State Regulated Vice. A Speech Delivered at Exeter Hall, London, on February 6th, 1884.Jenna Whittaker (IP)      
VAB7083VAB7083Linton, E. LynnThe True History of Joshua Davidson       
VAB7084VAB7084Radford, DollieThe Young Gardeners' KalendarJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7085VAB7085Bevington, Louisa S.Key-notes       
VAB7086VAB7086Braddon, M.E. Mary ElizabethLady Audley's Secret, Vol. 1       
VAB7087VAB7087Braddon, M.E. Mary ElizabethLady Audley's Secret, Vol. 2       
VAB7088VAB7088Braddon, M.E. Mary ElizabethLady Audley's Secret, Vol. 3       
VAB7089VAB7089Norton, CarolineThe Lady of La GarayeJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7090VAB7090Blind, Mathilde (as Claude Lake)Poems       
VAB7091VAB7091Nesbit, E.Lays and Legends       
VAB7092VAB7092Norton, CarolineA Letter to the Queen on Lord Chancellor Cranford's Marriage and Divorce BillJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7093VAB7093Levy, AmyA Ballad of Religion and MarriageJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7094VAB7094Webster, AugustaLilian Gray: a Poem       
VAB7095VAB7095Bevington, Louisa S.Liberty Lyrics       
VAB7096VAB7096Radford, DollieA Light LoadJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7097VAB7097Lee, VernonLimbo and other Essays       
VAB7098VAB7098Levy, AmyA London Plane-Tree and other VerseJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7099VAB7099Cambridge, AdaThe Manor House and Other PoemsJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7100VAB7100Nesbit, E.Many Voices       
VAB7101VAB7101Ward, Mrs. HumphryMarcella, Vol. 1       
VAB7102VAB7102Ward, Mrs. HumphryMarcella, Vol. 2       
VAB7103VAB7103Martineau, HarrietHarriet Martineau's Autobiography       
VAB7104VAB7104Corelli, MarieThe Mighty Atom       
VAB7105VAB7105Booth, Catherine MumfordFemale Ministry; or, Woman's Right to Preach the GospelJenna Whittaker (IP)      


Levy, AmyA Minor Poet and other VerseJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7107VAB7107Lee, VernonMiss Brown, Vol. 1       
VAB7108VAB7108Lee, VernonMiss Brown, Vol. 2       
VAB7109VAB7109Lee, VernonMiss Brown, Vol. 3       
VAB7110VAB7110Norton, CarolineLetters to the MobJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7111VAB7111Corelli, Marie, Steel, Flora Annie WebsterThe Modern Marriage Market       
VAB7112VAB7112Clive, CarolineThe Morlas       
VAB7113VAB7113Webster, AugustaMother & Daughter: an Uncompleted Sonnet-Sequence       
VAB7114VAB7114Dixon, Ella HepworthMy FlirtationsJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7115VAB7115Naden, ConstanceThe Complete Poetical WorksJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7116VAB7116Butler, Josephine E.Native Races and the WarJenna Whittaker (IP)      


Clive, CarolineIX Poems       
VAB7118VAB7118Bodichon, Barbara Leigh SmithObjections to the Enfranchisement of Women Considered       
VAB7119VAB7119Craik, Dinah MariaOlive, Vol. 1Judson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7120VAB7120Craik, Dinah MariaOlive, Vol. 2Judson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7121VAB7121Craik, Dinah MariaOlive, Vol. 3Judson Lit Class (IP)      


Dixon, Ella HepworthOne Doubtful HourJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7123VAB7123Cobbe, Frances PowerOur Policy: an Address to Women Concerning the SuffrageJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7124VAB7124Belloc, Bessie RaynerPoems       
VAB7126VAB7126Norton, CarolineA Plain Letter to the Lord Chancellor on the Infant Custody BillJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7127VAB7127Schreiner, OliveThe Political Situation       
VAB7128VAB7128Nesbit, E.A Pomander of Verse       
VAB7129VAB7129Booth, Catherine MumfordPopular ChristianityJenna Whittaker (IP)      
VAB7130VAB7130Webster, AugustaPortraits       
VAB7131VAB7131Steel, Flora Annie WebsterThe Potter's Thumb, Vol. 1       
VAB7132VAB7132Steel, Flora Annie WebsterThe Potter's Thumb, Vol. 2       
VAB7133VAB7133Steel, Flora Annie WebsterThe Potter's Thumb, Vol. 3       
VAB7134VAB7134Booth, Catherine MumfordPapers on Practical ReligionJenna Whittaker (IP)      
VAB7135VAB7135Craik, Dinah MariaThe Little Lame Prince and His Travelling Cloak: a Parable for Young and OldJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7136VAB7136Blind, MathildeThe Prophecy of Saint Oran and Other Poems       
VAB7137VAB7137Clive, CarolineThe Queen's Ball       
VAB7138VAB7138Radford, DolliePoems       
VAB7139VAB7139Nesbit, E.The Railway Children       
VAB7140VAB7140Nesbit, E.The Rainbow and the Rose       
VAB7141VAB7141Cobbe, Frances PowerThe Red Flag in John Bull's EyesJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7142VAB7142Nesbit, E.The Red House       
VAB7143VAB7143Cholmondeley, MaryRed Pottage

Mara Inglezakis, L501, Fall 2010

(tick) (E)

VAB7144VAB7144Meynell, AliceThe Rhythm of LifeJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7145VAB7145Guiney, Louise ImogenA Roadside Harp: a Book of Verses       
VAB7146VAB7146Bird, Isabella L.A Lady's Life in the Rocky MountainsJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7147VAB7147Corelli, MarieA Romance of Two Worlds, Vol. 1       
VAB7148VAB7148Corelli, MarieA Romance of Two Worlds, Vol. 2       
VAB7149VAB7149Caird, MonaThe Sanctuary of MercyLauren Simek (C)      
VAB7150VAB7150Schreiner, OliveStories, Dreams and Allegories       


Keary, ElizaLittle Seal-skin, and Other Poems       
VAB7152VAB7152Radford, DollieSea-Thrift       


Skene, FeliciaThe Shadow of the Holy Week       
VAB7154VAB7154Blind, MathildeShelley's View of Nature Contrasted with Darwin's       
VAB7155VAB7155OuidaSigna, Vol. 1       
VAB7156VAB7156OuidaSigna, Vol. 2       
VAB7157VAB7157OuidaSigna, Vol. 3       
VAB7158VAB7158Skene, FeliciaScenes from a Silent World       
VAB7159VAB7159Skene, FeliciaPenitentiaries and Reformatories       
VAB7160VAB7160Butler, Josephine E.Social PurityJenna Whittaker (IP)      
VAB7161VAB7161Radford, DollieSongs and Other Verses       
VAB7162VAB7162Ellis, Sarah StickneyThe Sons of the Soil: a PoemLauren Simek (IP)      
VAB7163VAB7163Corelli, MarieThe Soul of Lilith, Vol. 1       
VAB7164VAB7164Corelli, MarieThe Soul of Lilith, Vol. 2       
VAB7165VAB7165Corelli, MarieThe Soul of Lilith, Vol. 3       
VAB7166VAB7166Wilde, Lady JanePoems       
VAB7167VAB7167Schreiner, OliveThe Story of an African Farm, Vol. 1       
VAB7168VAB7168Schreiner, OliveThe Story of an African Farm, Vol. 2       
VAB7169VAB7169Dixon, Ella HepworthThe Story of a Modern WomanJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7170VAB7170Taylor, HelenThe Claim of Englishwomen to the Suffrage Constitutionally Considered       
VAB7171VAB7171Radford, DollieIn Summer-Time       
VAB7172VAB7172Skene, FeliciaA Test of the Truth       
VAB7173VAB7173Nesbit, E.These Little Ones       
VAB7174VAB7174Butler, Josephine E.Some Thoughts on the Present Aspect of the Crusade Against the State Regulation of ViceJenna Whittaker (IP)      
VAB7175VAB7175Craik, Dinah MariaA Woman's Thoughts About WomenJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7176VAB7176Corelli, MarieThe Treasure of Heaven       
VAB7177VAB7177Nesbit, E.The Story of the Treasure Seekers; being the adventures of the Bastable children in search of a fortune       
VAB7178VAB7178Schreiner, OliveTrooper Peter Halket of Mashonaland       
VAB7179VAB7179Butler, Josephine E.Truth Before EverythingJenna Whittaker (IP)      
VAB7182VAB7182Keary, MaudEnchanted Tulips and Other Verses for Children       
VAB7183VAB7183Skene, FeliciaThe Tutor's Ward, Vol. 1       
VAB7184VAB7184Skene, FeliciaThe Tutor's Ward, Vol. 2       
VAB7185VAB7185Schreiner, OliveUndine       
VAB7186VAB7186Norton, CarolineThe Undying One and Other PoemsJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7187VAB7187A Banker's DaughterGuide to the Unprotected in Every-day Matters Relating to Property and Income       
VAB7188VAB7188Lee, VernonVanitas       
VAB7189VAB7189Radford, DollieA Ballad of Victory and Other Poems       
VAB7190VAB7190Cobbe, Frances PowerVivisection in AmericaJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7191VAB7191Norton, CarolineA Voice From the FactoriesJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7192VAB7192Robins, ElizabethVotes for Women       
VAB7193VAB7193Belloc, Bessie RaynerIn a Walled Garden       
VAB7194VAB7194Clive, CarolineWhy Paul Ferroll Killed His Wife       
VAB7195VAB7195Bevington, Louisa S.The Why I Ams       
VAB7196VAB7196Webster, AugustaA Woman Sold       
VAB7197VAB7197Cross, VictoriaThe Woman Who Didn't       
VAB7198VAB7198Ellis, Sarah StickneyThe Women of England, Their Social Duties, and Domestic HabitsLauren Simek (IP)      
VAB7199VAB7199Nesbit, E.The Wouldbegoods       
VAB7200VAB7200Levy, AmyXantippe, and Other VerseJudson Lit Class (IP)      
VAB7201VAB7201Clive, CarolineYear After Year       

Newer Texts

VAB#PDF PURLAuthorTitleBiographyIntroductionGenre/SubjectAnnotationsDate CompletedEditor ReviewNotes

Broughton, Rhoda, 1840-1920.

Red as a rose is she      Text will be published on 8/15/2012. Need to add links to bio/intro in the Header once those are completed.
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