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    <title>Encyclopedia<title>Title/Label of Tuftsthe parent Historydocument:  Title/Label of OLDESTthe BUILDINGS<chunk</title>
<div id="tufts:central:dca:UA069:UA069.005.DO.00014">
            <h1>OLDEST BUILDINGS<<h1>Title/h1>Label             <p>Perhaps the very first light which shone from the Hill came from a kerosene or even whale oil lamp used by some student "burning the midnight oil" in Ballou Hall, then known simply as the College Edifice or College Hall. When Tufts opened its doors, Ballou Hall stood alone on this hilltop. The seven young men who made up the entire student body in 1854 lived, worked and worshipped in this one building which, a half century later, was named for the first president of Tufts College, Hosea Ballou, 2d.<of the chunk</h1>
            <p>Text of the chunk</p>