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Headings include the titles of lists, chapters, sections, etc. in a work. Most commonly, you will use them for chapters, lists and sections when marking prose. <head> tags can only come at the beginning of a <div>, <figure> or <list>. A <head> cannot come in the middle of a <div>. If you are going to mark <head>s in the text, you must start a new <div>, <figure> or <list>. Therefore, a head indicates a new section of the text. Page breaks can (and should) come before <head> tags, but paragraphs and other tags cannot. There can be more than one head tag following the <div>.


See VWWP TEI P5 Encoding Guidelines for more information about headings.


Chapters are designated using divs, marked with an ID. The ID is formulated by ADD. The <div> tag encloses a chapter. Chapter titles (headings) are indicated using a <head> tag. Page breaks come within the chapter <div>. Chapters are the sections of a text directly below books, generally speaking.