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  • Overview and Implementation Planning

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* #Overview



  • Linux (typically RHEL or equivalent)
  • Network Alias Devices (ideally three fixed IPs)
  • Firewall Configuration (opening ports for RMI, UDP, Apache, etc.)
  • Java JDK
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • Perl (base Perl plus numerous additional modules)
  • Darwin Streaming Server
  • Tomcat (if deploying Variations web player or access manager)

Although we provide step-by-step instructions for setting up Variations, inevitably there will be institutional differences requiring good troubleshooting skills and ability to get help from other experts on campus. Extra help and consulting may be needed during the process by other IT staff such as network engineers (for networking configuration, firewall and bandwidth issues), authentication specialists, authorization system integration (if basing access on course rosters), storage management (for archiving uncompressed derivatives and backing up the server), and client support for Windows and Mac (if distributing client software to end users). Installing client software on end-user-managed systems will take additional support to help users troubleshoot installation problems. If the system will be integrated with a library catalog and/or z39.50 server, some library IT expertise may also need to be consulted.