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Wiki Markup
*Set name:* wright
*Fedora collection:* (!) (TBA)
*OAI identifier scheme:* /wright/\[ID\] (?) verify collection identifier with Mike; item identifier with Michelle
*Metadata formats for OAI:* [OAI Metadata for Wright collection]


Wiki Markup
*Set name:* vwwp

*Fedora collection:
* (!) (TBA)

*OAI identifier scheme:* /vwwp
(question) verify with Mike
Source data: MARC
Metadata formats for OAI: OAI Metadata for VWWP collection
To dos:
/\[ID\] (?) verify with Mike
*Source data:* [MARC|OAI Metadata for VWWP collection^vwwp.MRC]
*Metadata formats for OAI:* [OAI Metadata for VWWP collection]
*To dos:*

  • Figure out URLs (Jenn)
  • Load metadata into Fedora (Muzo)