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  • <said>: Use to indicate passages thought or spoken aloud
    • @who info needs to added
  • <foreign>: A word or phrase is in quotation marks, italisized or set apart in some way because it not the predominant language used in the text.
    • Attempt to identify the language using the "xml:lang" attribute and a two-letter (as opposed to the three-letter) code according to the ISO 639 standard. See example below.
  • <distinct>: A word or phrase is in quotes or set apart in some way because it is linguistically distinct such as slang or regional dialect.<q>: Use the more generic <q> tag for quotations that are not defined as <said>, <distinct> or <foreign>

Anything else that appears in quotes but is neither <quote>, <said>, <foreign> or <distinct> does not need to be differentiated in the markup.

Retain the quotation marks printed in the text. Tags should surround the quotation marks when present.