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Chris Beer, Steve DiDomenico, Hannah Frost, Kimberly Hayworth, Mark Notess, Judy Stern

  • Google
    Google YouTube support for HTML 5 and .webm
    WebM format (VP8 video and Vorbis audio)
    Google purchased On2 Technologies (developers of VP8) and irrevocably released all of its patents on VP8 as a royalty-free format
    Concerns about submarine patents related to video technologies
  • Apple
    Support for HTML 5 and H.264
    MPEG LA licenses patent pool for H.264/AVC (Apple and Microsoft among others hold patents)
    MPEG LA claims that Theora and VP8 infringe on their patents
  • Adobe
    Previously, Flash was widely adopted due to large installed user base.
    Increasingly, alternatives to Flash are being implemented (HTML 5 versions) because of the lack of support for Flash on Apple devices
  • HTML5
    HTML5 still under development, will be the next major revision of HTML standard
    It incorporates features like video playback and drag-and-drop that previously required third-party browser plug-ins. The multimedia elements <audio> and <video> provide new functionality through a standardized interface.