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  • Server OS and Third Party Software Setup - 6.*

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  • Install your choice of Linux distribution.
    Indiana University currently runs Variations on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL 6). Derivatives of it such as Centos or White Box will be very similar, but for other distributions, the filenames and/or procedures may be different. The instructions below are tailored to RHEL6.
    • Select "Software Development Workstation" when asked about selecting a software set.
    • When creating the first user, this can be the "dmlserv" user that is required further on in the installation. ( #Variations Administration User Account Creation )
    • Set up your RedHat Network subscription, and update to latest release:
      yum update
    • Install needed packages
      yum install gd-devel gdbm-devel

      hostname -i returns the IP and so scripts will have to be changed to split on spaces to get just the first IP address

    • Ensure that hostname -i returns the numeric IP address and not the host name.
      • If hostname -i returns the host name, edit /etc/hosts to put the IP and hostname in a separate line entry.
        Code Block
        titleExample /etc/hosts
        # Do not remove the following line, or various programs
        # that require network functionality will fail.       localhost.localdomain localhost
        129.12.345.67 taishan
        ::1             localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6


  • Configure the firewall by running System->Administration->Firewall.
    • Under trusted services, check SSH, Samba (if using Samba for derivative uploads), Secure WWW, and WWW.
    • Under other ports, check add 554, 1099, and 1100 (all TCP).
    • Manually Then add the following "User Defined" ports:
      • 6970-6999 UDP (for Darwin Streaming Server)
        • Add this as the range '6970-6999'
      • 49930 and 49931 (for RMI servers, i.e., Variations server and lease manager). These RMI port numbers are configurable, and can be set in the file: dml/conf/server/dmlserver.xml .