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  • Server OS and Third Party Software Setup - 6.*

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  • MySql has internal parameters specifying how long to keep a stale connection before dropping it. For interactive logons this is interactive_timeout and for non-interactive it is wait_timeout. Note that wait_timeout is set from interactive_timeout when the login is interactive. The default setting for these parameters is 8 hours (specified in seconds). After this time, the connection is dropped and cannot be reestablished without restarting the server. To fix this problem set both wait_timeout and interactive_timeout to 24 hours (86,400 seconds) in the MySql configuration file /etc/my.cnf under both the mysqld and mysqld_safe sections.
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    The default minimum length for words used in fulltext indexes is 4. This means that searches for words less than 4 characters will fail (e.g., "U2" or "Yes"). It is probably a good idea to reset this to 1 in the /etc/my.cnf file under both the mysqld and mysqld_safe sections. Also, MySQL has a default stopword file that excludes certain words from the text index, and it may exclude words that users might reasonably want to search on. Therefore, it may be best to turn this off by setting ft_stopword_file to "". For a list of MySQL default stop words, see One can also set ft_stopword_file to the name of a file that contains a custom list of stop words.
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  • Set mysql to start automatically at boot:
    chkconfig mysqld on
  • Start the server now:
    service mysqld start
  • Download MySQL Connector/J database driver for Java (version 5.1 or later).
    • Expand the archive and put the file mysql-connector-java-5.1.1617-bin.jar in the location _/usr/local/lib/_you can put this file in another location but will need to update the configuration file later.