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  • Playlists (us11) - list of videos or clips that can be played back in sequence, shared with others, can be manipulated through JS.
  • Clip making (us3, us64) - portions of videos can be defined, played back, and shared with others
  • Closed captions (us43) - ability to toggle on/off; ability to create or import these
  • Accessibility (us10) - section 508 (support for use by people with disabilities)
  • Blocking access to certain segments of a video (us90) - parts of a video can be restricted based on role, to support IP, ethical, or religious concerns

Features that are not required but would be nice to have and difficult for us to implement

  • Plugin support - possible to write plugins to add functionalities to both Flash & html5 players
  • Skinnable, configurable layout - for look & feel, branding...
  • Adjustable playback speed (us56 - is this possible with streaming?)
  • Adaptive streaming - the player can change video quality (when switching to fullscreen or connection slows down)