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These are my (bdwheele) brainstorming notes for the VM image...I'm still testing this.

VM Configuration

  • Using VirtualBox:
    • 1 Core
    • 3G RAM
    • 500G System Disk (VMDK, Dynamically Allocated)
    • Set network to "Attached to Bridged Adapter"

Base OS Install

  • Centos 6.4 x86-64
  • English language and keyboard
  • hostname: localhost.localdomain (the default)
    • if it is localhost it should set it to the dhcp hostname provided.
  • eth0:
    • Clear "Device MAC address"
    • Connect automatically
    • IPv4 Settings
      • Automatic (DHCP)
      • DHCP client ID: avalon-vm

  • set timezone to america/indiana/indianapolis, clock uses utc
  • root password is 'changeme'
  • partitioning:
    • custom layout
      • /dev/sda1:  500M ext4 mounted as /boot
      • /dev/sda2:  (remainder of disk) Physical volume
      • Volume Group:  vg_avalon
        • PVs: /dev/sda2
        • LV lv_swap 2G
        • LV lv_root (remainder of disk) ext4 mounted as /
  • Desktop install
  • Reboot / Firstboot
    • Leave all of the defaults, except...
    • Do Not create a new user
  • Log in as root
    • do not check "do not show me this again" to the "you are running as root" dialog.  Just close it.
    • yum update
    • open these ports in the firewall:
      • tcp/22
      • tcp/80
      • tcp/1935
      • tcp/18080
    • shut down the VM
    • at this point the vm is at "baseOS" and can be used as a cloning point

Avalon Install

    • clone the baseOS image as puppet-YYYYMMDD
    • Use the installation notes from Code Blockexport

        after step 9, set up the default password for the avalondrop account:

        • When setting FACTER_* environment variables, also set FACTER_avalon_dropbox_password
        • to "changeme
      • stop after running the puppet script (do not log into Avalon)


        • "

    Demo Content

    • TBD


    VM Image Prep

    • Install avalon-vm-1.0-1.noarch.rpm to install the firstboot changes and tools
    • run /usr/share/avalon/dist-prep to prepare the machine for release
    • clear the command line history  (history -c)
    • shutdown the VM
    • Export
    • Appliance
    • the appliance
    • Use
      • use a 0.9 version
    • and
      • OVA
      • use a MANIFEST
    • for compatibility
    • copy the
    • .ova file
    • OVA to the distribution point