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    • clone the baseOS image as puppet-YYYYMMDD
  • Use the installation notes from
    • When setting FACTER_* environment variables, set
      • FACTER_avalon_dropbox_password to "changeme"
      • FACTER_avalon_hostname to "localhost.localdomain"
  • HACK:
    • add avalon to the dropbox group
    • verify that /var/avalon/dropbox is mode 2775

Demo Content

    • clone the puppet image as democontent-YYMMDD
  • Get the demo fixtures bundle

    Code Block
    cd /var/avalon/dropboxtmp
    wget    gz     #We need a better place to serve this from
    tar xvzf DemoFixturesBatch.tar.gz

    Change the ownership to something reasonable

    Code Block
    chown -R avalondrop.dropbox -R DemoFixturesBatch
    Code Block
    themv demo fixtures bundle:
    cd DemoFixturesBatch /var/avalon/dropbox
    wget     #We need a better place to serve this from
    tar xvzf DemoFixturesBatch.tar.gz
    #At this point the demo fixture batch should start running, you can check on them in the avalon interface, and you'll need to wait until it is all done
    Once it is done processing then figure out the pids for the three media objects

    Monitor progress at http://<whatever>:18080.  

  • Modify /var/www/avalon/current/app/views/catalog/_home_text.html.erb

    so that the a href's have a path to those objects: <a

    and replace sample content with:

    Code Block
     <ul class="thumbnails">
    	<li class="span3"><h5>Featured Video</h5><a href="<%= media_object_path('avalon:1') %>" class="thumbnail" <%= image_tag "", alt: "Featured Video" %></a></li>
    	<li class="span3"><h5>Featured Video</h5><a href="<%= media_object_path('avalon:12') %>" class="thumbnail"><% <%= image_tag "", alt: "Featured CollectionVideo" %></a>a></li>
    Go to the home page and make sure that the images and objects match up and link correctly.  That's it!
    	<li class="span3"><h5>Featured Video</h5><a href="<%= media_object_path('avalon:3') %>" class="thumbnail" <%= image_tag "", alt: "Featured Video" %></a></li>

    Thumbnail images should be stored in /var/www/avalon/current/app/assets/images

VM Image Prep