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is run.  If the file /etc/sysconfig/avalon_host_config contains a name, that is used for the accessible name, otherwise the DNS name for the host is used.  If this script is run during normal operations, the avalon services will need to be restarted to be updated with the new configuration.


Known Issues

These are issues which are known or may be future todo items.Known Issues - Release 1.0 - a list of bugs, workarounds, and cautions for using Release 1.0.

In addition, there are some issues for us to consider in future releases of this VM image:

  • (question) should there be instructions for a NAT'd VM?
  • (question) If VirtualBox doesn't have focus the screen may stop updating after a while for the build FFMPEG step.  Giving VirtualBox focus updates the screen. This is probably related to the screensaver since it stops updating about 10 minutes in.
  • (question) Matterhorn has a service that is named after the original DHCP hostname from install time.  It seems to be harmless but looks confusing.
  • (warning) Sometimes when using the dropbox a duplicate processing job appears in matterhorn and the first one will fail during distribute-hls.  The second one processes normally.