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After you have connected to the VM via a web browser, Avalon VM can be used like any other Avalon installation. The Collection Manager's Guide contains information for using Avalon.  The Avalon user created during the first boot process will be able to manage both collections and groups.


is run.  If the file /etc/sysconfig/avalon_host_config contains a name, that is used for the accessible name, otherwise the DNS name for the host is used.  If this script is run during normal operations, the avalon services will need to be restarted to be updated with the new configuration.

Resetting the Initial User Password

If you have the root password, select "Other..." on the Login box, and use "root" for the username, and the root password.  When the desktop has started, go to the Applications menu and select "System Tools/Terminal" to start a terminal.

Within the terminal, run the password change command, replacing "username" with the username that was created during install.

Code Block
passwd username

After the password is changed, log out and log in to the initial user using the password just created.

Resetting the root password

  • When the VM starts there is a 3 second countdown before the boot begins.  Press the spacebar during this countdown to get the boot menu.
  • Edit the boot entry and boot
    • Press the 'e' key to edit the first boot entry
    • Use the down arrow to highlight the line beginning with 'kernel' and press 'e'.
    • Add " init=/bin/bash" to the line, making sure there is leading space separating it from the the end of the existing command line.
    • Press 'enter' to go back to the root/kernel/initd selection screen
    • press 'b' to boot
  • The system will boot to a root shell
  • Change the password.

    Code Block
    mount -o remount,rw /
    passwd root
    mount -o remount,ro /
  • A hard reboot of the VM is required to restart the system.



Known Issues

Known Issues - Release 1.0 - a list of bugs, workarounds, and cautions for using Release 1.0.