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titleConfiguring AMS
# Do all the following as root
su -

# 1. Download the Avalon configuration for AMS
wget -O
cd avalon-vod-master

# 2 Copy avalon.conf into place
cp apache/avalon_rewrite.conf /opt/adobe/ams/Apache2.2/conf

# 3. Add Avalon configuration to AMS's Apache configuration
echo "Include conf/avalon_rewrite.conf" >> /opt/adobe/ams/Apache2.2/conf/httpd.conf

# 4. Copy avalon_auth into place and make executable
cp apache/avalon_auth /opt/adobe/ams
chmod 744 /opt/adobe/ams/avalon_auth

# 5. Add Avalon substitution variables to the AMS configuration. 
#    AVALON.STREAM_PATH must be the same as configured for Matterhorn below. 
#    Both servers must be able to reach these directories through their respective file systems.
echo "AVALON.STREAM_PATH = /opt/adobe/ams/webroot/avalon" >> /opt/adobe/ams/conf/ams.ini
echo "AVALON.AUTH_URL = http://{avalon host}/authorize" >> /opt/adobe/ams/conf/ams.ini