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This documentation is for Release 3.0.0, which is not yet available. For the Release 1 version of this page, see v.43 found under Page History. For the Release 2 version of this page, see v.71 found under Page History.


Avalon's batch ingest feature provides a method of building one or more media items at a time from uploaded content and metadata outside the user interface. A batch ingest is started by uploading an ingest package consisting of one manifest file and zero or more content files to the Avalon dropbox. For your convenience there is a demo ingest package available to download and import into test systems. Follow the instructions below to ensure a succesful successful batch upload.

Ingest Packages

An ingest package is the combination of content and metadata that make up a single batch.

Package Layout

The When a new collection is created, Avalon creates a subdirectory with the name of that collection (substituting underscores for any blanks), beneath the Avalon dropbox directory. The package (manifest file and associated content files) must be uploaded within the appropriate to that collection subdirectory of the Avalon dropbox. The package can either be at the root of the collection directory, or in any subdirectory thereof-named subdirectory or in a subdirectory beneath it. All items included in a single ingest package will be uploaded to the same collection. The following is a very simple package that has been uploaded:


The manifest file is a spreadsheet (xls, xlsx, csv, or ods) containing the metadata for the items to be created, as well as the names of the content files that make up each item. In this case, the manifest file is named batch_manifest.xlsx. See batch_manifest_template_R3.xlsx for an Excel example file. Required fields are in bold. Note: Neither the spreadsheet filename nor any folder/directory names above it can have blanks in them–substitute underscores.

1Michael's First Test     
2Main TitleCreatorDate IssuedFileLabelFileLabel
3Test item 1Klein, Michael B.2012content/file_1.mp3Part 1content/file_2.mp4Part 2
4Test item 2Northwestern1951content/file_3.mp4