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In previous Avalon versions, there was a potential for Matterhorn disk space to fill with workflow artifacts. The default error handler workflow updated as above reduces this potential significantly. And a tool is provided in Release 3.3 that helps clean up Matterhorn workspace further. More can be learned here.

See What's New in Avalon 3.3 for more details.

Default Protocol configuration

To help Avalon automatically generate URLs for use in system emails and other places, it is now possible to configure a default protocol (http or https). An example configuration can be found in config/avalon.yml.example on github.

What's New in Avalon 3.3 for more details.


The following instructions will work for any Avalon 3.2 installation that used Puppet as its source. This includes the portable VM Image Installation, the Vagrant Virtual Machine Installation, and the Manual Puppet Install.