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title...Follow these sqlite instructions

Sqllite3 doesn't like mysql dump files so a transformation script needs to be run on it. Download, make it executable, and run it on the dump file.

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chmod +x mysql2sqlite
./mysql2sqlite avalon.r5.dump.sql > avalon.r5.dump.sqlite
#then on r6
bundle exec rails dbconsole
sqlite> .read /tmp/avalon.r5.dump.sqlite

".read" returns "memory", which is good.

Clear role_map cache

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bundle exec rails c
> Rails.cache.delete("RoleMapHash")



SSH into your r6 box, wipeout the database, and load the sqlite dump into your dbconsole.


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g = Admin::Group.find('administrator')
g.users += [""]!

Clear role_map cache (TODO: fix me)

Rails won't use your newly imported role_map data unless you clear it from cache.

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Migrate Fedora Objects

SSH tunnel or open up your fedora3 server to your new Avalon app: