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This documentation is for Release 6.x. For documentation on previous releases, please select from the options below.

  • Release 1.x version of this page: v.81
  • Release 2.x version of this page: v.87.
  • Release 3.0-3.1 version of this page: v.111.
  • Release 3.2 version of this page: v.116.
  • Release 4.0 version of this page: v.143.
  • Release 5.x version of this page: v.163.


These instructions provide a recipe for building your own all-in-one Avalon system from scratch on CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux, version 6.x is supported, 7.x will be supported soon.  Please note that while an all-in-one installation as outlined here is certainly suitable for testing and demos,  a single, all-in-one, server may not be suitable for production environments.  For recipes on building each piece of the Avalon system on different hosts, (as would typically be done for a production environment), please see the instructions for (standalone) environments here:  Fedora (standalone)MySQL (standalone)Web (standalone)Solr (standalone)Red5 (standalone), and Matterhorn (standalone).


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