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# ensure that Fedora, Solr, and the DB are clean
# it will ask you to verify the targets are correct
bundle exec rake avalon:wipeout  

Migrate Config Files

  • config/authentication.yml  – has a new structure with a different section for each rails environment. Edit your authentication particulars to incorporate this new structure.  An example is found in config/authentication.yml.example. 
  • config/controlled_vocabulary.yml  – should be copied from R5 to R6 to support data migrations
  • config/initializers/permalink.rb – if in use, it will likely need to be adjusted to refer to objects in the Fedora 4 way (id, instead of pid)

Dump R5 database

Data from your R5 database will be loaded directly into your R6 database then migrated for R6 in a later step. Role_map data will be needed in R6 for the Fedora migrate step, so it needs to be imported first.